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I resented the use of “finally” in her sentiment but shrugged it off. They always mean well.“Sometimes things just don’t work out.”I found myself in the awkward position of consoling her over my lack of romantic entanglement.

Then she gave me a smile, one of those supposed-to-be-encouraging-but-comes-off-as-condescending smiles that people who place an emphasis on being coupled give to singles.“You’ll find someone some day!

"There are just not enough services for creating healthy relationships, and (it is) a major gap in the gay community," said matchmaker Patrick Perrine, founder of San Francisco-based, which caters to "sophisticated, cultured and relationship-oriented gay men" and has more than 50,000 clients across the nation.

"There has been a long-held stereotype that gay people are only looking to hook up." But there's disagreement over whether gay people fall in love the same way as straight people.

Looking around the table during a recent dinner, I was the only non-couple in attendance.“Are you saving that seat for your boyfriend?

” a friend asked, indicating the empty chair to my right.“It’s all yours. She looked dejected.“Is your boyfriend out of town?

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You seemed like you were finally getting serious about someone,” she insisted.samesexlongevity015_Dale Bullock has made a career as matchmaker for lesbians and gay men.He currently has matched 228 successfull couples, meaning they are still together, since he started.We are the leading progressive matchmaking service, with a unique focus on m4m chemistry and statistics that equal real results.Unlike dating sites there are no robots employed here.— and thus draws comparisons with Pinterest in user interface.


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