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Quickly changing policy (but still scarred by the "fiesty 22-year-old Latina" who turned out to be a 45-year-old Puerto Rican lady boy), I secured her number and called the next day. For those who aren't familiar, Suicide is a softcore porn website that features goth, punk and indie-rock women – often heavily tattooed and photographed in the style of 1950s pin-ups. Which illuminates the lesson learned from my second mistake: Never fixate romantically on one aspect of your date. I made my way through the winding station, weaving through corridors and commuters to retrieve her, a precious gem to be plucked from a coalmine. something else," I stammered as I led her towards the train station exit. We'd already shared some great conversation – why couldn't we share a great night together? At last she looked up at me, though slightly horrified it seemed—either that I would inquire again, or perhaps because she was now mentally reliving her meth den days.

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