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But here are some sexting guidelines to follow if you can’t be dissuaded from clicking ‘send’ but you want to keep your friends and family from seeing you at your undignified worst on a triple-X site.

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Although our site is very popular, the current economic climate has reduced our revenues just when we need extra security to prevent attacks from hackers who don't like what we do.Greg Baker is one of those, and he has recently begun trying his hand (and foot and whole body) at modelling. I wish everyone could be nude.” He believes no-one would have any inhibitions about what they've been born with if they got a bit nude in public on occasion.When a mate recently put forward the slightly bizarre request for him to be a nude model for a regular life drawing class held in Emu Park, Greg thought, “Well bugger it. I might as well.” Being a newbie to the profession, Greg looks to the movies for ideas of different poses to try that will hopefully please the artists.They call it ‘outing’, and it can be devastating for the victim (and later the disgraced ‘outer’ who is generally despised by all who are aware of his/her actions – good luck finding a new partner). Before you send a photo, think to yourself: would I be happy with everyone I know seeing this? When in doubt, picture a beloved grandparent’s face if they saw the photo. We’d never normally advocate being a tease, but when it comes to sexting it’s a surprisingly effective and enticing way to spice up the exchange without compromising your dignity. An embarrassingly identifiable The Only Way Is Essex duvet cover or an exotic fraying wall-hanging from your gap year? Your best bet is to look away from the camera, as if you’ve seen something cool and interesting out of shot. But if you have distinctive moles or tattoos then, seriously, don’t bother. As a specific practice, ‘outing’ is not inherently illegal (unless the participant is a minor, in which case it’s so illegal you may as well put your prison uniform on and sign the sex offenders’ register today), but hacking/stealing photos, distribution of pornography, harassment and blackmail all are, so many cases do end up in court. If it’s a heart-attack face, delete and don’t send. Send an image of a stockinged leg or a strategically posed partial nude. These things will make it much harder to deny to friends and family that it’s you in the picture. Dirty laundry on the floor and an overflowing bin are not sexy. If you think what we do is worthwhile, please donate or become a member.


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