Automatic updating map

At times, service can drop significantly below normal and the times will become much longer.

At the moment, normal is still below Waze's target times and this is reflected in the range of times given.Edits made in the online editors do not appear on the Live Map nor client immediately.The Waze servers typically update the client and Live Map every 24 hours, but at times delays could cause this to be multiple days between updates.In the resulting dialog, click on the Fetch My Spreadsheets button to get a list of your current spreadsheets in Google.You will have to grant Zee Maps access to your spreadsheets.We ask for permission to access your spreadsheets now, and in the future, in case you want Zee Maps to periodically update your map as the spreadsheet changes. Note that for the periodic updates to work, you must not change the header row of your spreadsheet.


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