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Last night I had an interesting conversation with a male friend of mine. When she suggests meeting up, he clears his busy diary and gives her priority.

” Did he mean finding a new rent-controlled apartment that wasn’t possessed by fruit flies? I had always assumed the male contingent of San Francisco skipped freely through much cleaner streets than us females, lavishing affection on Teslas, burning man installations, and an endless supply of younger women. A bright yellow bowtie adorned his neck as if to mask his internal pain. Apparently she didn’t think I was ready to have her hypothetical love child. Perhaps the problem is altered women’s expectations.

"If you get talking to someone and you don't want to go home with them straight away, that's it you're gone. I'd rather - if I do meet someone on a night out - swap numbers and go on a date before going on to the next stage, but nowadays, if you don't go home with someone, they immediately reject you," she said.

Aoife said that while dating apps have made it difficult to pursue a meaningful relationship with a potential partner, the traditional way of meeting someone on a night out isn't working either.

I quickly reminded him that he was still in the early stages of dating and asked him why he was feeling unhinged by it all?

His response "I really like her and we have so much in common.


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